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TYARC Chapters must eventually have at least one repeater that can be linked to the overall TYARC link system.  This link can be via the Club's Yaesu Wires-X room, or using an Allstar node (Allstar node number 41281.)  Depending upon the expected use, these repeaters can be built from commercial grade radios like the Motorola GM300 series of VHF and UHF mobile radios.  If a chapter decides to go with a new repeater, then the Yaesu DR-2X dual band FM & digital repeater should be seriously considered.  Yaesu has been a strong supporter of amateur radio by offering the DR-2X for a discounted price, but for a limited time only.  Be sure to check with Yaesul to see of the discounted price is still available.

TYARC's flagship chapter in Friendswood has two repeaters.  One is a Yaesu DR-2X that is on 147.12 (+ 600 offset) using PL tone 167.9.  The other repeater is a Yaesu DR-2X on 444.875 (+ 5Mhz offset) using PL tone 123.  Both repeaters are set up in "automatic" mode meaning you can access the repeaters with an FM radio or a Yaesu radio in digital mode. 

TYARC wants to thank Yaesu for its support of amateur radio clubs and the City of Friendswood for its support of the Texas Youth Amateur Radio Club!